Monthly Archives: June 2014

So What Are You Looking For?

A few months ago I put together a non-exhaustive list of qualities I’m looking for in my future partner. Of course, the list was aspirational and as anyone who has ever been in love can tell you: it happens when you least expect it and, further, you never know who you’ll fall in love with. There is no way of predicting who will be my best potential husband. And, certainly, strictly adhering to a checklist won’t help me get closer to finding a husband. I made the list with a friend as a funny activity to fill a Friday night and while I do think many of the items on the list are important, I believed that substance trumps form when it comes to love. That being said, I’ve decided to focus on exactly how I want my next relationship to look and feel and less about the form that relationship will come in. Which begs the question: how do I want my next relationship to look and feel? Continue reading