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Uh, I think this needs a trigger warning.

In the early days of 2014, I was suicidal. I’ve asked multiple health professionals if that is an accurate term for the incident. I don’t want to be overly dramatic. I also don’t want to minimize the topic and invalidate other people’s experiences or emotions. I tried to commit suicide and my attempt was stopped. No need to ask for details because I’m not gonna give you any. I’m sure someone else would be game to provide a play-by-play of their failed suicide attempt. But, in the annals of retelling the lurid details of foiled suicide attempts, I’m certainly not your girl.

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So what next?

I was talking with a friend the other day. In response to the old tried and true question: “What’s new with you?” I replied: “Nothing. Literally nothing has changed for me. I feel as if you’d asked me this question four years ago my answer would be identical. Absolutely nothing in my life has changed.”

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Obvi Not A Mommy Blogger

Over the last few months (okay more than that) people have asked me why I haven’t written any blog posts. And honestly, I didn’t have a real answer. Most of my blog had been focused on dating and what it was like to be single. And at some point last year, I decided that that subject matter was boring and I had nothing else to offer on the topic. When I started the blog I had been in relationships my entire adult life and had no concept of how dating worked and what online dating apps were. So when I started the blog, readers were able to gawk at me experiencing this whole brand new dating landscape. Somewhere along the way it became boring. I had nothing else to say. I don’t like dating. I don’t like dating apps. And my blog had become stale and I began to feel unmotivated. There are only so many ways to say: “dating is trash, y’all”.

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A new direction

After months of silence, like a phoenix rising from the ashes I’m returning (in the form of a newsletter).  If you want to follow the journey, please follow the link below. I’m *still* trying to figure out what I’m going to do with this space but, until then, I’m gonna keep writing about anything and everything that enters my ol’ noggin. Cool? Cool. Miss ya. Love ya.

Oh Hello There

It seems to me that nowadays everyone has a blog. People blog about their dogs, their marriage, their babies, their job, etc. I peruse several blogs during the evenings and think “I’m just as interesting as some of these people.” (Granted, some bloggers are WAY more interesting and accomplished than I but that’s beside the point). So, I figured: “What the heck? Why not? What have I got to lose?” Continue reading