Monthly Archives: March 2017

Oh hey. Hi. Hello.

So I know what you’re thinking?

Damn, girl. Where have you BEEN?

I know. I know. I have no excuse.

I’ve been here. In Chicago. Working. Working out. Drinking wine. Re-watching my favorite indie films because I’m a hipster who lives in Logan Square. I’m kidding. I used to be a member of the Junior League and own too much Lilly Pulitzer to truly be a hipster. But that doesn’t mean I’m not gonna try my hardest.  I own a bunch of graphic t-shirts and drink bourbon. Does that count?

I realize I only wrote occasionally last year and vowed to rectify that issue this year. As it’s late March and this is my first post of the year, I’m off to a roaring start. But, in all fairness, doesn’t it still feel like the year JUST started? Anyway, I had been contemplating for months about what direction I wanted to take this blog. I had thought about truly sitting down and goal-setting about the blog. You know. Creating a vision board with a whole plan. But I realized that I’m 35 and I never vision board anything. And, let’s be real, I probably won’t start now.

Then I finally came to a realization: I do this for fun. So I should just write about whatever I want, whenever I want and stop thinking so hard about the “direction” of the blog.  It can be about any and all of the things that are important to me. And lucky for you, the things that are important to me just happen to be complaining about dating, drinking wine, listening to podcasts, Sweet Tart jelly beans (YOU HEARD ME CORRECTLY. THEY ARE EVERYTHING. NO. YOU CALM DOWN.), politics, women’s issues, and drinking wine (already said that one.)

I don’t do New Years resolutions. Clearly.  If I did, I would already be falling woefully behind on all of them. But I did write a few “guiding principles” for 2017 on a post-it note.  Then I accidentally threw the post-in note in the trash so here are the “guiding principles”  I recall from memory: Continue reading