Monthly Archives: July 2015

In a past life…

I’m obsessed with the prior lives we’ve led. And the older I get the more I’m convinced I could never be in a relationship with anyone who hasn’t endured change, hardship, heartache and reincarnation (personal, professional and/or emotional reincarnation. I’m not talking about dating the big J.C.)  In 33 years I’ve filled the book of my life with multiple chapters. It’s overwhelming to think about the friends, places, relationships, stories and jobs…and I have many more pages to write. Continue reading

The Happy List (Part Deux)

I started out with a dramatic topic for this post. It was going to be a downer. The initial idea was something I had been thinking about for the past few weeks. My close friend and I were talking about the concept of “timing” in relationships and dating. And I angrily proclaimed that “timing was a B.S.” Further, I elaborated that “timing” was an excuse that women utilize to soften the blow of a guy who “just isn’t that into you.”  My motivation for the post was personal experience and my own current unpleasant mood regarding guys. I was frustrated because I liked a guy for over a year, I got up the nerve to do something about it and received no response.

I was prepared to write an entire post on “timing” – the concept of “timing”, the myth of “timing” and whether “timing” was an actual thing or an excuse.  Then I had an “a-ha moment” (Thanks Oprah!) I’m going to keep putting myself out there. If someone isn’t into it, that’s their loss. That being said, the “timing” post has been scrapped. It’s July and so far the Windy City has been treated to a summer that feels like fall. June sped by filled with grey skies and rainy days. The weather perfectly matched my mood and in an attempt to reverse emotional course I’m scrapping the “timing” post. It’s time for another “Happy List” post.

The concept of the “Happy List” is simple. It’s a collection of things, people, and places that currently make me happy. Making the “Happy List” forces me to focus on the positive. Further, any time I decide to light candles from Anthropologie, listen to Sam Cooke and drink Pinot Noir, I’ve got a list that might lift my spirits (Sam Cooke is way more depressing than you think). It’s July. Let’s get happy people: Continue reading