Monthly Archives: May 2014

Living Single

It’s official. I’ve been single for approximately a year (give or take a month). While, yes, it’s not a very long time, it’s the longest I’ve been single in my working adult life. I was talking to a guy friend about this and he remarked that my singlehood is completely within my control. His words were simply, “You’re single by choice.” He might have a point. (Or more likely he had had too many bloody marys). So I started thinking: what choices am I making that are keeping me single? Once in a while I’ll tweet (jokingly, of course) about the reasons I’m single.  So, I’ve decide to compile a list. You be the judge: Continue reading

The Happy List

I woke up Tuesday morning to two rejection emails for jobs I had applied for less than twelve hours earlier. It seems impossible that anyone had been able to review my resume and application that quickly. But, regardless of that implausibility, someone had determined that my services would not be needed at those two companies. That afternoon I viewed two rooms in two different apartments. I’m hoping to find a furnished sublet for the summer. I checked out both places and said I was extremely interested and was told “Great. All you have to do next is meet the roommates”. Hours later I received emails saying both rooms were rented and wishing me “the best of luck on my search.” I determined that responding with an email simply stating “DIAF” probably was inappropriate and deleted both emails. Continue reading

Did You Learn Anything?

As part of Tiger Woods’ comeback from his sex scandal, Nike came out with this bizarre commercial comprised only of a close up of Woods and featured a posthumous (and creepy) voice over monologue from his father ending with the poignant question: “Did You Learn Anything?” I’m not sure whether Tiger learned anything. I know I certainly did. Importantly, DO NOT hook up with waitresses at Perkins. They’ll snitch on you to TMZ or US Weekly. For some reason, unbeknownst to me, that question also pops into my head after any difficult personal situation. Yes, I even hear it in Earl Woods’ voice. (Thanks a lot Nike!)

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