Oh Hello There

It seems to me that nowadays everyone has a blog. People blog about their dogs, their marriage, their babies, their job, etc. I peruse several blogs during the evenings and think “I’m just as interesting as some of these people.” (Granted, some bloggers are WAY more interesting and accomplished than I but that’s beside the point). So, I figured: “What the heck? Why not? What have I got to lose?”

First, I should explain who I am and what I do (interests, hobbies, blah blah blah, etc.)

I’m 30. I’m an attorney.

Now for the other stuff. I was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area. I moved to SoCal for college and attended the University of Southern California (Fight On!). I lost my freaking mind and left sunny Los Angeles for Indiana and attended law school at Indiana University-Bloomington (It has a new name now but I can never get it straight so why bother?) I graduated law school and moved to Indianapolis. I had a boyfriend at the time and figured we’d get married and live in Indianapolis. That didn’t happen. I moved to Chicago about a year ago and up until recently I was in a relationship with someone I started dating in Indianapolis (who subsequently moved to Chicago). So now, I’m a single lady living in Chicago trying to meet friends and trying to start a blog that anyone (someone!) will be interested in.

A few notes:

I won’t EVER talk about work. Social media is tricky enough for lawyers. The last thing I need is the managing partner of my firm walking into my office to talk to me about my blog.

Unless I get married, I probably won’t mention any relationships. I had a disastrous blog about one of ex-boyfriends. Yes, I’m one of THOSE people. It was cathartic at the time but now it’s cringe-worthy to think about (and luckily deleted from the internet).

I don’t like labels. It’s easy to throw people into categories: hipster, preppy, etc. I like to think of myself as hitting lots of categories. Because I grew up in the Bay Area, I am a card carrying liberal (but you won’t get much political talk out of this blog) and extremely open-minded. I consider myself a closeted hipster with a J.Crew card (I own WAY too many ballet flats). I’m 6’2″ (hence the name of the blog), African American and female. I listen to indie rock (is that an okay term? The people at Pitchfork.com will be so disappointed!). I love pop music (I currently have Selena Gomez on rotation – YES I’m 30!!). My closet is split evenly between Urban Outfitters and J.Crew/Land’s End Canvas (because let’s face it, Jenna is trying to steal my hard earned money people and sometimes, I can find a cardigan for much cheaper on LEC’s website). I DVR Gossip Girl and listen to the Adam Carolla podcast every day. Big tall walking contradiction. That’s me. And that’s why I figure, “Why not? I can have my own blog, right?”

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