Bump Day

In talking to my mother about my blog, she suggested I take a stab at a mixture of lifestyle content in addition to “overly-emotional-journaling”. I have to agree with her. I have been so overwhelmed by the response to the blog but I also have a suspicion that people are worried about my mental health. The content of the blog thus far has been very heavy but not by design. Frankly, I had a good number of personal stories piled up and if read in succession my life sounds miserable. But don’t despair. Despite all the professional and personal upheaval of the past year, my life isn’t all bad. Trust me.

Thus, I’ve decide to share some music selections. If you know me, you know I LOVE music and one of my favorite hobbies is spending hours on iTunes and Spotify finding new music. I love going to concerts. My favorite memory from the past few years is attending Lollapalooza three years in a row. I’m already sad that I’ll miss this years’ concert. That concert alone is enough to make a girl want to move back to Chicago. (On the other hand, the Polar Vortex is enough to make a girl grateful she’s not in Chicago this winter). I’m currently debating attending a few east coast festivals this year. I’ve been doing a little digging today and put together what I deem my best dead of winter playlist. It’s a mix of old rock, lots of indie rock and a little nu-soul (I hate that term). Essentially, it sounds like exactly what is currently being played at your favorite independent coffee house that will probably be closing soon because your neighbor heard they’re putting a Starbucks at the end of the block (Corporate bastards ruin everything). Sit back, relax, turn it up, and bob your head.


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